Our acceptance points are one of the most important pillars of the intexchain ecosystem. In this way, intexcoin will function as a currency and become a part of our daily lives. Commissions obtained from our trade will be transferred directly to intexcharity, which is a part of our ecosystem, and will provide life support to those in need.

In addition, we will share the presentation and location information of your business on our web pages and our payment tool intexpay. This will create an important opportunity to bring you new customers. Seeing you in this great and innovative project will give us both strength and happiness.
Join us now, let's establish the future together, for all of us...

How do i apply for an acceptance point? INTEXCOIN


First, go to https://portal.intexcoin.io/register

1. Fill in the registration form by entering your personal information.

2. Enter "merchant@intexcoin.io" in the "Sponsor" section at the end of the registration form.

3. Select the I accept the terms and conditions and click the "Apply for Membership" button to complete the application.

4. Your membership process will be approved by e-mails sent by us after your application.